Hairdryers: the best purchase for your hair health

Hairdryers: the best purchase for your hair health

The hairdryer is the best purchase that professionals and not can do to protect each own hair health and the one of customers. This statement seems to be an obvious one but is it so easy finding out the right hairdryer which won’t damage your hair? In case you have any uncertainties, you could play it safe buying a professional Parlux hairdryer.

If you want to dry your hair perfectly and show a perfect hairstyle, rely on a hairdresser is a normal practice. Only a professional hairdryer, in fact, dries in a perfect and quick way without excess while protecting the scalp and the hair health.

Using a professional hairdryer, you should obtain excellent results at home too, but the hairdryer has to be first class, a top quality one. But how to choose the best one?

Here is a short guide to discover which hairdryer is right for you.


Short guide to haidryers: which is the best buy?

If you want to keep your hair brilliant and healthy, the best hairdryer to buy is the one that has certain characteristics:

  • Ceramic and ionic technology: it is useful to eliminate the static electricity from your hair and drying it quickly and directly from the inside, without drying the internal structure. The result? Shiny and soft hair!
  • Possibility to choose between hot and cold air flow with a simple switch  
  • Silence to eliminate that annoying buzzing during the drying hairstyling; in case your hairdryer does not have an inner silencer, you could add one such as the Parlux Melody Silencer® which can be easily added on all Parlux models
  • it should be an easy to manage tool and have an ergonomic handle avoiding unpleasant arm pains for those handling a hairdryer many hours per day
  • It presents a nozzle and a diffuser to dry hair in a perfect way, even if wavy or curly
  • Safety:  the best brands, in fact, are always certified according to European safety standards: for example, we recommend you to buy Parlux only from authorized dealers.


A Parlux hairdryer is the best purchase you can make

Let's get into the heart of the matter and review the hairdryers you can really consider as the best purchase for you or your salon:


Parlux Alyon®, available also in the Night Blue limited edition with the MagicSense® diffuser, was born from over 40 years of experience in the sector, it has been produced to offer the highest performances, light- weight, long-life and easy-to-manage possibilities. It is equipped with the Air Ionizer Technology, a new variable geometry resistance and the professional K-Advance Plus® motor.

Discover Parlux Alyon®



Parlux 3200® Plus, represents a new technological restyled model combining power and a new air intake concept. The result is a new, more silent, light-weight and very quick hairdryer with instant cold air jet activated by micro switch.

Discover the new  Parlux 3200® Plus

Parlux Advance® includes the new K-ADVANCE® motor, which guarantees superior performance (such as greater power and longer life), while simultaneously decreasing energy consumption. It is a silent, light-weight hairdryer with an anti-heating front body and the Ionic & Ceramic® technology.

Find out more about the Parlux Advance®


The Parlux Ardent® hairdryer is the best purchase for any modern Barber Shops because it is especially designed for drying beards and mustaches, thanks to the ion technology. It is also suitable for left-handed operators.

Check all the features of the Parlux Ardent®




Now that we have reviewed many different hairdryer models, have you found the best one for you?

Discover the whole Parlux range


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