Hairdryers for curly hair: which is the best to get perfect curls?

Hairdryers for curly hair: which is the best to get perfect curls?

Yes, but which one to choose? Follow our guide and discover which features should have the best hairdryer for curly hair.

  • Parlux Alyon,
  • Parlux 3200 Plus,
  • Parlux Advance.

For you, which is the best hairdryer for curly hair?

Choose the Parlux quality

The hairdryers are not all the same and often the power all alone is not enough to choose a good hairdryer for curly hair.

To be able to keep you hair healthy and perfect after any drying, you should prefer a high quality hair dryer able to wisely combine air flow and power. A good hairdryer for curly hair must have these specific features:

It must have a good combination between power and air flow and assure a constant, perfect hair drying

  • The best hair dryer for curly hair must have a quality hair diffuser ; this will be the decisive element for your next purchase.

The ionic technology offer a better drying permitting a good hydration of the hair

Those having curly hair know how long drying their hair may take; that’s why a good hair dryer has to be light, also with the diffuser.

How to use the diffuser

To get the perfect curls is best to avoid the direct jet of the hair dryer, which causes the hair to lose its shape. Instead, it is better to use a diffuser, which evenly distributes the air jet, preserving the soft shape of your natural curls.

You can use the diffuser at best in this way: after having washed, applied any products and combed your hair, you could gently dry your hair at a low temperature and medium speed with a diffuser. It is important not to concentrate too much heat and help the hair to maintain its delicate curl shape.

The main defect of drying the hair with the diffuser is time, because for an average hair length it will take about 25-30 minutes.

The best Parlux hairdryer for curly hair

Which are the best Parlux hairdryers for curly hair?

To tell the truth, all Parlux models as long as you have the corresponding diffuser; they assure the necessary power and the best control of temperature and air flow.

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